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    New Board of Directors

    29 December 2019

    New committee members have been elected at the annual general assembly of December 5th, 2019:

    • President: Denis Gardijan,
    • Vice President: Geneviève Horlings,
    • Treasurer: Erica Tomkinson,
    • Council Members : Julie Brousseau, Victor Salazar, Gordan Aropovic.

    This new committee has many ideas in mind for the next year. This is very promising. More news to come soon!

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    About us

    Water polo is a team sport that combines resistance, perseverance and speed. Our goal is to introduce children to the techniques of water polo: swimming, handling the ball, the concept of the game and tactics.

    Established in the region for over 30 years, the Gatineau Water Polo Club (GWPC) offers several programs for beginners, recreational players and elite athletes. The practices and games are held several times a week in various locations in Gatineau depending on the caliber of athlete and availability.

    The GWPC is pleased to help athletes learn team spirit, commitment, communication and personal achievement.

    For more information on our programs, please visit our website or contact us by email.